Help Brute


Over the years Brute was a big asset in many manufacturing facilities the person that was called when something heavy, awkward, or just hard work that needed to be done. Always proud of being the go to person that the company needed for transferring heavy loads doing things others couldn’t. Little did Brute realize that after years of doing this it took a toll on body and mind. Eventually as much as Brute wanted to perform the tasks for his employer Brute just couldn’t. With fatigue, sore back, and hands that didn’t move like they used to it just got worse. Eventually Brutes’ employer found OMTEC and smartly replaced the work flow with efficient, and safe Omtec ergonomic products.
Over time the employer, workers and brute started to notice that the cost of manufacturing decreased and was safer due to product moving in a smart, orderly and fluid movement, all employees were happy and doubled productivity with ergonomics.

What is ergonomics you ask…

…an applied science concerned with designing and arranging people and work flow so that the human, parts and products interact in the most efficient, productive and safe manner.

— Also called biotechnology, human engineering, and human factors

Many industries have successfully implemented ergonomic solutions in their facilities as a way to address their workers’ MSD injury risks. These interventions have included modifying existing equipment, making changes in work practices and purchasing new tools or other devices to assist in the production process. Making these changes has reduced physical demands, eliminated unnecessary movements, lowered injury rates and their associated workers’ compensation costs, and reduced employee turnover. In many cases, work efficiency and productivity have increased as well. Simple, low-cost solutions are often available to solve problems. Use the information on this page to see what has worked for others in your industry or in other industries.

Since 1984 OMTEC Corp has specialized in Ergonomics with its unique products Patented in 21 countries. Our products literally help all employees produce more, rotate, and transfer heavy or awkward products around so you can easily position the product in a comfortable position. By doing this you are now not as tired at the end of the day, you are not sore from working harder to move a product than that actual task itself. Finally you get to wake up energized and ready for a productive work day. Not only does this benefit the employee but it really benefits the Employer.

Please TRUST OMTEC’s Brute, and find the way to help your employees succeed!