PSW-1 Transfer

OMTEC PSW-1 units are designed for liner movement of your product. By using a wheel instead of a ball, this allows for a larger surface area when moving products. This comes in very helpful with pallets. Ball transfers and pallets do not transfer well due to the small contact area a ball has. With the PSW-1 OMTEC can now transfer your pallets much easier. Pop-up Skate Wheels allow for easy 90 degree transfers of products, Inline workstations, and you can even create your own turn (90 or 180 degree) in a work cell. 

Virtually any air control device may operate Omtec Pop-Up Skate Wheels. In the majority of applications simple non electric foot and hand valves may be used. Sensing device operated electric solenoids valves may also be used.

Omtec Pop-Up Skate Wheels like virtually all pneumatically operated components, require Filtered, Regulated and Lubricated compressed air to operate. Omtec has FRL kits, Non-detent foot valve kits and detent toggle hand valve kits available. Other controls supplied on request. The regulator should be set at 50 PSI (3.447 bar). Omtec Pop-Up Skate Wheel units use very low air volume, it is usually not a consideration. 

If recessed flanges are desired, Omtec also has available the correct size carbide tipped rabbeting bits. 1/4 inch (6.35mm) trim routers.

Minimum metal surface thickness: Steel 0.092 inches (2.34mm), Aluminum 0.125 inches (3.18mm). Depending on individual applications, ribbed reinforcement of all surfaces is an important consideration.

Skate Wheel Transfer Weight Capacity: 50 lbs (22.68 kg)
PSW-1 transfer weight capacity is deceptive!

Many factors override the actual rated capacity of a ball transfer. Experience indicates when all factors are considered, the most successful live load rates of ball transfers falls between 5 to 30 lbs. (2.27 to 13.61 kg) per ball transfer. For a better understanding of ball transfer loading…

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Omtec PSW transfers… are designed to use in combination all of the other Omtec Ergonomic Tranfers.
They are ideal with Omtec: FBT Ball Transfers, Insert Wheels, Insert Rollers and the ESD PUG Grounding Device