PPD Positioner Pads

Virtually any air control device may operate Omtec Pop Up Positioner Pads. In the majority of applications simple non electric foot and hand valves may be used. Sensing device operated electric solenoids valves may also be used.

Omtec Pop Up Positioners like virtually all pneumatically operated components, require Filtered, Regulated and Lubricated compressed air to operate. Omtec has FRL kits, Non-detent foot valve kits available. Other controls supplied on request. The regulator should be set at 50 PSI (3.447 bar). Omtec pop up units use very low air volume, it is usually not a consideration. Each up and down cycle of one ball uses .00038 cubic feet .0000108 cubic meter of compressed air volume.

PPD Positioner Pads

Ball Transfer Pop Up Bit
Ball Transfer Flange Mount Bit

Carbide bits for boring and recessing holes in plastic and wood composite surfaces.

Omtec has available correct size carbide tipped bits to easily bore holes for Pop-Up Positioner pad. 1/2 inch (13mm) hand drill required.

If recessed flanges are desired, Omtec also has available the correct size carbide tipped rabbeting bits. 1/4 inch (6.35mm) trim routers.

Minimum metal surface thickness: Steel 0.092 inches (2.34mm), Aluminum 0.125 inches (3.18mm). Depending on individual applications, ribbed reinforcement of all surfaces is an important consideration.

Omtec PPD Positioner Pad capacity: 20 lbs. (9.07 kg) each.

The following factors need to be considered…

  1. Weight (is it evenly distributed?)
  2. Foot Print (bottom size)
  3. Item bottom characteristics, hard, solid, flat and smooth?
  4. Are the pads likely to indent the bottom surface?

Designed to raise under an item firmly holding it in location, not as stops, using as conveyor, stops will destroy them.

Omtec PBT ball transfers… are designed to use in combination all of the other Omtec Ergonomic Tranfers
They are ideal with Omtec: PPD Positioner Pads, FBT Ball Transfers, Insert Wheels, Insert Rollers and the ESD PUG Grounding Device