PPD Positioner Pad Conveyor Workstation

PPD Positioner Pad Conveyor WorkstationPPD Positioner Pad Conveyor Workstation

Conveyor Roller Workstations using PPD Positioner Pad Strips for production line or assembly line use where items start out as a chassis or frame and other components are added as it progress down a conveyor line.

Omtec PPD Positioner Pad Strips are ideal for creating FLEXIBLE progressive assembly lines or straight production lines in modular roller conveyor.

It is easy to improve productivity with Omtec Ergonomic Transfers used on packing, shipping and progressive assembly lines.

Vitually any roller conveyor may be converted into a Progressive Assembly Line!

Strips are modular in design to fit virtually all gravity roller and power roller, industrial conveyor systems.

Use Omtec PPD Pad Positioner Strips where items need to be firmly positioned while a task is performed.

Flick a switch Omtec PPD Positioner Pads raise above the conveyor roller to firmly locate items in a stable work location while a task is performed.

If items need to be orientated and/or repositioned while a task is performed.Click Here

If an individual workstation is not needed in a particular days production run, the Omtec patented PBT Ball Transfer and PPD Positioner Pad Strips in the conveyor line can be in their retracted positions. This allows items to continue traveling uninterrupted on the conveyor roller to next subsequent station down the line.

PPD Positioner Pad Conveyor Workstation1) Items travel on the conveyor roller to a position over the Omtec patented PPD positioner pad strips.
PPD Positioner Pad Conveyor Workstation2) The operator then raises the Omtec PPD positioner pads above conveyor rollers to firmly locate and hold the item in a stabile position while the required line task is performed.