Pop Up Ball Transfer Strips

PBT Ball Transfer Strips are available with end tabs for mounting in conveyor lines or without end tabs for your own projects and applications.

90 degree OMTEC Pop-Up Ball transfer strips

Omtec PBTTM Pop Up Ball Transfer Strips are ideal for roller conveyor transfers and repositioning stations.

At the flip of a switch
Omtec PBT Ball Transfer Units raise above the conveyor rollers to move items off of the conveyor line with minimal effort.

Flip the switch again
Omtec PBT Ball Transfers retract below the conveyor ball rollers allowing items not transferring to move on the rollers unaffected by the ball transfer strips.

Omtec standard is to place the first and last pop up ball transfer 1.25 inches (31.75MM) C/L from each end of the main body (between frame dimension). The other pop ups are evenly spaced.

Omtec PBT Pop Up Ball Transfer Strips may be any length. The number of Pop Up pneumatic Ball Transfers on a strip may be varied and, located on any center lines desired. The minimum center line is 2 inches (50.8mm).

Omtec PBT Ball transfers are pneumatic pop up (air operated).

The air in feed line is a single 0.180 I.D. X 0.265 O.D. polyurethane tube under the strip between the first and last ball. The standard in feed tube supplied is 8 inches (203mm) long attached between the first and second ball, but can be any length or location on the strip desired.

Virtually any air control device may operate Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfer Strips. In the majority of applications simple non-electric foot and hand valves are used. The Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfer Unit uses very low air volume, it is usually not a consideration. Each up and down cycle of one ball uses .00038 cubic feet (.0000108 cubic meter).

If needed sensing device operation using electric solenoid valves may be used, control kits are available.

Pop Up Ball Transfer Strips

Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfers like virtually all pneumatically operated components require Filtered, Regulated and Lubricated compressed air to operate.

Pop Up Ball Transfer Strips