PBT Ball Transfer Table Conveyor Line Workstation

PBT Ball Transfer Table Conveyor Line Workstation PBT Ball Transfer Table Conveyor Line Workstation

PBT Ball Transfer Table, Conveyor Line Industrial Workstation
for production line or assembly line, use where items start out as a chassis or frame and other components are added as it progresses down a conveyor line.

At the flip of a switch
minimal effort move, orient and conveniently position items in a stable location so the item won’t move around while a task is performed on it.

Convert new or existing roller conveyors into a
Production Assembly Line using an Omtec Ergonomic PBT Ball Transfer Table

Omtec PBT Ball Transfers have No Pinch Points

Omtec Ball Transfer Table insert surfaces are modular design, to fit virtually all powered and non-powered roller conveyor systems.

Use Omtec Conveyor Insert Surfaces to create a progressive assembly line roller with existing or new conveyor.

Virtually any roller conveyor may be converted into a progressive assembly line work tables!

Conveyor line roller ball transfer tables and industrial work bench tops may be any size or shape, made of metal, plastic, plastic laminated, wood or wood composite.

PBT Ball Transfer Table Conveyor Line Workstation1) Omtec PBT Ball Transfer tables when raised are even with the top of the conveyor rollers. The item may be easily moved on to the PBT ball transfer unit, oriented and conveniently positioned on the surface. Omtec ball transfer conveyor tables workstations are easy drop in installation, simply remove a series of conveyor rollers.
PBT Ball Transfer Table Conveyor Line Workstation2) When the conveyor ball transfer table is retracted, the item is firmly located in stabile position on the conveyor, while the operator performs the required task. When the ball transfer units are retracted they are slightly below the work surface. This gives the ability to lay parts and tools down on a flat surface while working.