PBT Ball Transfer and Insert Roller Workbench Table Top

PBT Ball Transfer and Insert Roller Workbench Table Top

Pbt Ball Transfer Table Retro-fit Kits
Convert Existing Workbench table top Into An Omtec Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table top

Retro fit an existing industrial work bench, electronics assembly bench, heavy duty work bench and maple table top rollers work bench.

Virtually any work bench is easy to convert in to an ergonomic work bench, including hard maple top benches.

PBT Ball Transfer and Insert Roller Workbench Table Top
Ball Transfer Pop Up Bit
Ball Transfer Flange Mount Bit

At the flick a switch Omtec Pop-Up Ball Transfers raise,flip the switch again and the ball transfers retract into the worksurface.

Simple 4 step installation converts existing work benches into…

  1. Bore & recess holes in surface.
  2. Attach a pre-assembled manifold under the surface
  3. Slip the Omtec Pop-Up roller ball table Transfers into holes. Omtec has available correct size carbide tipped bits to easily bore holes for Pop-Up Ball Transfers,1/2 inch (13mm) hand drill required.
  4. Attach the foot or hand control kit. If recessed flanges are desired Omtec also has available the correct size carbide tipped rabbeting bits.1/4 inch (6.35mm) trim routers.

Omtec Pop-Up Ball Transfer retro fit kits may be supplied as individual parts for field assembly or a complete preassembled surface for easy placement on existing equipment.

Work bench tops may be virtually any size or shape, made of metal, wood, wood composite, plastic or plastic laminated.

You have the option to have the manifold supplied as individual fittings and tubing for field assembly or preassembled.

Where ever minimal effor ergonomic transfers are needed

Along with the ability to firmly locate in a stable convenient position, use Omtec patented ergonomic transfers i.e. Pop-Up Ball Transfers, Insert Wheels, Insert Rollers, Pop-Up Pads and conveyor line Pop-Up Ball Transfer Strips.

Use your imagination!
Omtec patented PBT Ball Transfers are designed for minimal effort movement of items on to and off of benches, tables and machines. For conveyor lines see Omtec Pop-Up Ball Transfer Strips.