Insert Rollers

Insert RollersImprove Productivity! with Omtec Insert Rollers for…
work bench and table top material handling applications!

Omtec Work Bench Table Top Insert Rollers™ are ideal for use on Industrial Workbenches and Ergonomic Workstations!

The Omtec insert roller is not retractable and is used to provide easy minimal effort uni-directional movement and positioning of items on industrial workbenches. Designed to use alone or in combination with all of the other Omtec Ergonomic Transfer components. Available for ESD and non ESD applications.

For applications where static electricity is a concern the plastic end caps are the ESD black color shown.

0.75 inch (19.05 mm) diameter galvanized steel roller with steel ball bearings.

Bearing capacity: Insert rollers: 30 lbs (13.6 kg) See Below…

Use for items with softer bottoms and/or straight paths…

Minimum over all length of 2.625 inches (6.7cm) Maximum over all length 20 inches (50.8 cm). Over 20 inches use combination of shorter rollers.

Insert Rollers

Insert Rollers
Rollers available in two heights

More About Insert Roller Capacity

Examples: A heavy item in a corrugated carton is likely to indent and flex, depending on the quality of cardboard, it would suggest a live loading of 5-10 lbs. (2.27-4.54 kg) per Insert Roller.

The same item on a smooth, hard, solid, flat, non-flexible quality plastic tray would indicate a reasonable live loading of 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) or less per Insert Roller, for successful, minimum effort, movement.

Click here for more about a ball transfer capacity and point loading.A major factor in applications.The same considerations that effect ball transfer weight capacities, effect insert rollers, please click on…

The Omtec Insert Roller may be used with PBT Ball Transfers, PPD Positioner Pads Insert Wheels, FBT Ball Transfers and PUG ESD Ground

Virtually all assembly line application challenges have solutions! Put Omtec’s field expertise, ingenuity and capability to work for you…