About us

OMTEC© Corp was founded in 1984 by Camillo Masciarelli. A former Millwright and Systems integrator (Cam-Fab Corp) est in 1968. Cam-fab corp. designed, Engineered, and built a lot of unique equipment for many manufactures and warehouses. Cam-Fab Corp was at its peak being in the top 3 largest system installers in the US and Puerto Rico by the late 1970’s. It was early 1980 when Cam decided he wanted to scale back the traveling and grow roots in manufacturing.

After 16yrs in designing and installing equipment Cam designed a product that was much needed in the material handling field. The Pop-up Ball transfer. This original unit was mainly used for 90 degree conveyor transfers but as time passed Cam evolved the product where it can be virtually used almost anywhere. Although The Pop-up Ball (PBT™) was our original product OMTEC© corp manufactures many more Ergonomic products to continually assist many companies in their manufacturing, warehousing, and packaging areas. Although we only listed a few of the places our product is used you will soon find out that the product use is only limited to your imagination. Still today through advances in manufacturing processes and the design of our products many of them are still PATENTED in 21 countries.

Camillo passed away late 2010 due to some medical issues. We at Omtec© corp. have continued to carry on his legacy into the 2nd generation.

Current operations are overseen by Cam’s eldest son Shawn Masciarelli. Born and raised in the family run business Shawn has seen and has had his hands in every part of the company. We continue to grow and find new ways to help our customers provide an efficient ergonomic solution to their everyday needs.